Fergosa Inc. Hurricane Shutters: Protection For Your Most Valuable Asset


Accordion Shutters          

  •  Minimizes window/view obstruction without compromising hurricane protection
  • Close and lock your shutters within minutes
  • Keyed locks available for added security
  • Match your home's color scheme with multiple colors to choose from
  • Affordable and practical shutter system


Motorized Roll-Down Shutters

  • Premier shutter system
  • Protection slats are completely hidden when rolled up
  • Electrical motor may be controlled from a switch within your home or by remote control
  • No physical effort required besides the flip of a switch
  • One control switch may control multiple motorized units simultaneously
  • Ideal for high-rise condominuims and office building

Bahama Shutters

  •  Great storm protection for windows that are architecturally   pleasing
  • Arches and angles available to attractively fit your home or business
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Easily operated from within or outside your home or business
  • Provide extra shade on sunny days when closed, while still allowing fresh air inside

Colonial Shutters

  •  Aesthetic hurricane protection for windows in your home
  • Easily opens and closes from inside or outside your home or business
  • Many colors are available to match your homes color scheme


  • Standard hurricane protection system
  • 3 materials to choose from
    • steel
    • aluminum
    • polycarbonate material (clear)
  • Most economical protection available
  • Choose from installation with tracks or direct mounted

 Retractable Awnings

  • Enjoy your patio, deck, or porch while avoiding the blistering sun or even when the rain won't stop
  • Over 200 colors to choose from to enhance your home's appearance
  • Coverage of up to 21'4" in width
  • Up to 11'5" coverage in legnth
  • 2 operating methods available
    • Manual operation
    • Motorized/Electrical operation